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Best Slow Motion Cameras Of 2023

GoPro HERO10 Black

We’ve all sat in front of the computer for hours watching slow-motion videos for the cool effect. If you want to do something similar, you’re in luck.

In this article, I’ll introduce the best slow-motion cameras you can use. Whether searching for an action cam or a full-frame, mirrorless model, your specific needs will determine the best slow-motion camera!

A Quick Look At My Favorite Cameras For Slow Motion

Best Mirrorless Camera
Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II

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Best Pocket Camera
DJI Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2

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Best Action Camera
GoPro HERO10 Black

GoPro HERO10 Black

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Best Point and Shoot Camera
Sony ZV-1

Sony ZV-1

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Best DSLR Camera
Canon EOS 90D

Canon EOS 90D

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Key Takeaways

  • For slow-motion videos, I would say that the Panasonic Lumix GH5 II is probably your best bet.
  • If you want a smaller camera to shoot slow-mo videos, i don’t think there is anything close to the capabilities of the GoPro Hero 10.
  • Key Elements Of A Good Slow-Motion Camera are: Frame Rates, Resolution & Video Capabilities
  • The highest-end camera is probably the Phantom TMX 7510, which can shoot 76,000 frames per second. But that costs more than $150,000 so it’s not probably something you are looking for.

The Top 5 Best Slow Motion Cameras

5. DJI Pocket 2 – Best Pocket Camera

DJI Pocket 2

What I Like

  • Compact & Portable
  • Great For Vlogging
  • Built-In Stabilizer
  • Good Sound Quality

What I Don’t Like

  • Not Very Easy To Use

Heating things up right away, with an action camera, or should I say pocket camera, from DJI, the Pocket 2.

The DJI pocket 2 is a compact camera and a great tool for individuals interested in slow motion but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The number 2 already gives it away, indicating that the pocket stairs have been trodden on previously. The Osmo Pocket 2 is a successor to the prominent Osmo Pocket.

The Pocket 2 is about the same size as before, but it now includes a larger sensor and a wider lens, as well as an upgraded autofocus technology, more microphones, and the capacity to take better photographs and videos.

A smartphone-grade sensor and a 20mm f/1.8 zoom lens are included in the DJI Pocket 2. It captures 4K 60fps video at 100Mbps with HDR. This is great for slow motion footage.

That means you can go as far as, 120fps Full HD if you drop the resolution.

As far as battery life goes, it can last up to 140 minutes, which is quite impressive for an action camera that can record 4k at 60fps.

Why should you buy it?

Many action cameras work with slow-motion features, and the DJI Pocket 2 is no exception. It is indeed one of the most fantastic and affordable action cameras.

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DJI Pocket 2 Sample Photos

4. GoPro HERO10 Black – Best Action Camera

GoPro HERO10 Black

What I Like

  • Great Value For Your Money
  • 5.3k@60Fps Recording
  • Can Record Underwater
  • Very Versatile

What I Don’t Like

  • Overheating Issues

Is it necessary to present the next slow motion camera, which comes from GoPro?

If it’s a GoPro and it’s an action camera, it’s good but if it’s a drone, it is awful. No offense to GoPro, but that’s what happens when you try to enter DJI’s territory.

Anyway, GoPro is pushing the limits of action cameras once again, this time with the GoPro10, the company’s newest model.

The GoPro Hero 9 and 10 Black are nearly identical in terms of design. The color of the GoPro logo and the product name insignia is the only difference between the two models.

What’s the point of buying the GoPro 10 now that you know it’s pretty much the same as the rest of the lineup?

This is where the GoPro 10 shines, or should I say, where its main selling point is. The video capabilities are simply mind-boggling. This bad boy can record at 120 frames per second in 4k and 240 frames per second in 2.7k. Those are big numbers for a slow motion camera of this size.

The Hero 10 is powered by the same 1,720mAh battery as the Hero 9 Black, meaning you pretty much get the same battery life which is about 120 minutes.

Why should you buy it?

A GoPro camera will always be one to use, and that’s because it is impressive in slow-motion along with many other features that it has.

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GoPro HERO10 Black Sample Photos

3. Sony ZV-1 – Best Point and Shoot Camera

Sony ZV 1 3

What I Like

  • Great For Beginners
  • It’s Good For Vlogging
  • Can Be Used For Live Streaming
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Great Focus

What I Don’t Like

  • Not For Professionals

If you are into compact cameras and vlogging, look no further since you just found your slow motion camera.

Because vlogging is so popular these days, Sony designed the ZV-I specifically for it. But don’t worry, no one will criticize you for taking shots with it, even though it isn’t the finest in that sector. Instead, all of the functions are targeted at videographers.

Unfortunately, unlike the majority of Sony’s series, which are made of metal, the ZV-1 is built of plastic and is not weatherproof, so be careful and don’t vlog in a rain. The plastic material used on ZV-1, on the other hand, is high-quality and designed to withstand damage.

It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or a backpack, and there’s a grip on the right side of the body to give your fingers a little extra traction.

As far as video capabilities go, take them for granted. They tick all the boxes that you need.

Moreover, slow motion is excellent with this camera. You can shoot at 120 frames per second, which is nearly 4 times slower than in real-time. However, you have the option of shooting at higher frame rates but at a reduced video resolution.

Here’s an illustration of the video resolution slow-motion modes provide.

  • 240 frames per second (fps) or 8x slow motion: (Video Resolution: 1,824 x 1,026)
  • 480 frames per second (fps) or 16x slow motion: (Video Resolution: 1,824 x 616)
  • 960 frames per second (fps) or 32x slow motion: (Video Resolution: 1,244 x 420)

The battery, on the other hand, falls short, but we can’t complain given the price and the features it offers. It can go through 45 minutes of recording or take 260 shots.

Why should you buy it?

Point-and-shoot cameras are very easy to use, and if you are a beginner, I recommend you choose Sony ZV-1 as it will bring everything you may need.

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Sony ZV-1 Sample Photos

2. Canon EOS 90D – Best DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 90D 3

What I Like

  • Great Video Capabilities
  • Great Value For Your Money
  • It has a 32Mp Sensor
  • Very Versatile

What I Don’t Like

  • None At All

DSLR cameras are known for being old-school and somehow outdated, but EOS 90D says otherwise.

Canon seems to be unable to let go of DSLR cameras and prefers to keep things old school, but this time it has created a feature-rich DSLR with a high-resolution sensor that competes directly with mirrorless rivals.

The 90D also sticks to the design blueprint philosophy that has dominated the series for centuries. It has a simple black finish with a touch LCD viewfinder that swings out. It’s water and dust-resistant while the grip is really comfortable and pretty much has the same feel as previous versions.

The LCD itself is a 3inch panel with a resolution of 1,040k dots, it is bright, sharp, and responsive. Will operate properly even on bright days when the sun shines directly on the screen.

In terms of video, the 90D can now record in 4k UHD video resolution, with full HD getting a 120fps bump. The footages are crisp and full of details in terms of quality. It also has superb video autofocus because of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

People who know a thing or two about DSLR cameras know that the video capabilities of a DSLR are inferior to those of a mirrorless camera, but the EOS 90D proves them wrong once again with a DSLR camera that can shoot in 4k or Full HD with a whopping of 120 FPS. In short words, it is a perfect slow motion camera for photographers who take mostly stills but record videos from time to time.

As for battery life, it uses LP-E6N, as is the case with many other Canon SLR cameras. Because the viewfinder does not deplete the battery significantly, it promises to get you through 1,300 photos per charge.

Why should you buy it?

Now, if you are a professional photographer, there is the Canon EOS 90D which you have probably heard of. Its features and its slow-motion ability is definitely on point.

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Canon EOS 90D Sample Photos

1. Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II – Best Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II

What I Like

  • Excellent Autofocus
  • Great Image Stabilization
  • Great Picture & Video Quality
  • Optimal Camera For Live-Streaming

What I Don’t Like

  • No Raw Video Recording

In a way, the Lumix GH5 is synonymous with a feature-rich mirrorless camera, especially if you depend on the video capabilities.

The Panasonic GH5 series have created a reputation for itself thanks to its video capabilities. If you’re looking for a mirrorless slow motion camera to meet your slow-motion photography needs, you will be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than this.

It has a magnesium alloy body and improved sealing, making it splash and dust resistant. Panasonic made a solid option by keeping the same design because it places all of the major buttons within easy reach of the user’s fingers.

The 3-inch screen is flexible and variable-angle, allowing it to face any direction, which is a great feature for vloggers and video creators. The OLED viewfinder is my favorite feature, as it proves to be a joy to use even on bright days.

Behind the hood, both the sensor and the image processor have been upgraded. The sensor is a 20.3-megapixel MOS sensor, which is ideal for photography in low-light environments. As for the video recordings, it can easily record content in 4k at 60fps or Full HD if you want that extra 120fps. Pair it with one of the lenses made for Panasonic GH5 and you’re good to go.

The Gh5 II’s battery life is also amazing; it now has a more powerful battery that can easily endure 410 shots on a single charge. This is definitely the best slow motion camera out there.

Why should you buy it?

A mirrorless camera like Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II is a great choice that you can make. It has many features, and its 4K resolution of videos in slow-motion is excellent.

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Panasonic LUMIX GH5 II Sample Photos

The Key Elements of a Good Slow-Motion Camera

Buying a camera solely for slow motion, differs from buying a camera for everyday use. You don’t want to end up with a 30fps camera, therefore there are a few things to think about when purchasing a slow-motion camera.

Video Capabilities

First thing first, you want to make sure that your slow motion camera has good video capabilities. There are cameras that can take amazing stills but lack videography.

As I previously stated, thanks to modern technology, most slow motion cameras are capable of recording in 4k, and some high-end flagships such as the Nikon Z9 are even capable of recording in 8k. While the resolution is crucial in slow motion, it is not the most important factor that we are looking for.

Frame Rates


When it comes to slow motion it is all about Frame Rates, even if it is a toaster that has good FPS, will do the work.

Jokes aside, a camera with the ability to record super-fast frame rates is considered to be a good slow-motion camera.

Frame rates can range from 24 to 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second or greater, depending on how slow you want your film to be.

60 frames per second is where you want to be; anything less will not satisfy.


Resolution is important for both image quality and video quality.

I remember the good old days when 144p was hell on youtube.

Nowadays, pretty much every camera from a known manufacturer can record at 60 or even 120 frames per second in 4K resolution. Moreover, there are monstrous cameras that can go as far as 6K and 8K.

If you wonder why some cameras record at 30fps in 4k and Full HD (1920×1080) 60fps is due to the pixel density.

With that stated, you can drop the resolution to obtain more FPS and get the most out of slow motion, but you decide if it is worth it.

480p vs 4k
Just a little example of how clear the same picture looks on 4k (3840 x 2160) compared to 480p (852×480)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera is the best for slow motion?

Pretty much every type of camera is capable of slow motion. The outcome of the content mostly depends on the video capabilities of the camera, especially the frame rates and resolution. All of the cameras above will work perfectly, but one camera worth mentioning is the Phantom TMX 7510, which records 76,000 frames per second at 1280 x 800. Yep, it does it at a painful price of $150,000.

Can you perform slow motion with 30 FPS?

Well, it is not that you can’t, but the result will be awful since 60FPS or anything above 30 at least is what is recommended for slow-motion.

Can you perform slow motion on your smartphone?

Most smartphones nowadays are quite high-end and they sure can do that, there is even third-party software you can use to get some nice slow-motion effect. However, using a camera remain the best option.

Final Words

While they are picked specifically for slow-motion videos, those are great cameras in general. They will most likely be beneficial in all situations, particularly the GoPro 10 and Canon 90D, which have proven to be excellent all-rounders.

However, always pay attention to the details; some cameras may appear to be great on paper but are not the right choice for you; a hasty purchase will only disappoint you.

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This is it. Until next time, enjoy.