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Best Tripods For Astrophotography (Buying Guide)

best tripods for astro

I don’t think that when it comes to astrophotography, there is a better tripod than the Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod in its price range. I’ve tested many different models over the years, and I’ve stuck with this one for the longest.

The tripod is an inevitable equipment for any photographer. Are you looking for sturdy tripods to improve your astrophotography skills? Tripod is the most essential tool for astrophotography, and hence you should purchase the best one indeed. This buying guide offers tips and highlights some of the popular choices for the astrophotography tripod stand.

You can quickly get that higher magnification and long exposure shots without any vibration during astrophotography. That obsolete tripod is good for nothing as you have already accumulated dust and grime upon it. If you are thinking of up-gradation, then this article is going to give you some good advice.

We understand the requirement of having a tripod and a perfectly designed DSLR camera to match the absolute equipment. Therefore, in this guide, we are going to cover the best 5 tripods for astrophotography.

Image Product Rating Price
The Sturdiest
ZOMEI Camera Tripod 72 inch
ZOMEI Camera Tripod 72 inch
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Best For Professionals
Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3
Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3
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Best For Beginners
GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod
GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod
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The Most Lightweight
Sirui T-025x
Sirui T-025x
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Best Price/Performance
Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 inches
Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 inches
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The Top 5 Best Tripods For Astrophotography

5. Neewer Carbon Fiber 66-inch Tripod

This tripod is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sturdy and durable tripod stand. The Neewer carbon fiber camera tripod is one of the best tripods that can also be used as a monopod if there is no even surface to take pictures. The material is so sturdy that it creates a significant load capacity and pressure to the tripod that you will never feel any vibration while doing astrophotography.

Therefore, in this 66-inches camera tripod, you will be getting a top-notch carrying case, sturdiness, and a monopod. An expeditious-release leg-locking mechanism makes it more advantageous to establish.

Moreover, it comes with a versatile ball-head design and QR plate for quick transitions between shots and panoramic shooting. The 360-degree swivel dial provides a complete range of motion. This top-notch tripod exudes the utmost professionalism during astrophotography. In fact, it can take up to 12 kg load. Moreover, it possesses interlocking twist-lock legs to prevent it from skidding and quick unlocking.

This model musters up all the efficient features into it! It has a converted center column for low-position photography. This can be easily converted into a monopod, so irrespective of the type of surface, you can easily use this tripod stand without affecting the photographs’ quality. If you need flexible shooting experience, just adjust the tripod in a three-positioned leg angle.

This is a lightweight tripod stand that is equipped with many unprecedented features making it stand out amidst all. Hence, it is considered the best tripod for astrophotography. It is extremely lightweight with carbon fiber weighing just 3.4 pounds. Such a monopod can also be used as a walking stick during trekking. Moreover, it is super easy to carry as it comes with a portable bag.

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4. Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod

Are you rummaging for the most lightweight tripod for astrophotography? Sirui T-025x Carbon fiber tripod is a proven performer for being extremely useful and lightweight. Do not worry about the product’s warranty as it comes up with a better warranty for quality factors. This carbon fiber material is super sturdy and built-to-last-long.

If you are thinking of portability, ease of use, and also the stability, none other than Sirui T-025x tripod can fit your need. Its anti-rotation legs provide superior stability for better angels. Also, being a super lightweight tripod, you can carry it without any hassle. Moreover, you can efficiently place it in your car due to its quick storage design.

If you are thinking of a load-capacity point of view, it possesses 13.2-pound amazing support for your camera. Its superior resistivity is somewhat to look for, and hence you should definitely count on this one. Well, Sirui T-025x is one of the best tripods for astrophotography when it comes to ease in portability and lightweight nature.

A major plus point about this tripod is that it is absolutely stunning for traveling on foot. You can efficiently capture your astrophotographs sans worries, obstacles, or even noise. You can capture panoramic photos seamlessly with a premium tilt level. It possesses tools to mount and disassemble more efficiently. If your requirement is having an ultra-lightweight, compact, and marvelous tripod, nothing can be more beneficial than this.

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3. GEEKOTO 79-inches Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

Thinking of bringing home a top-notch tripod for astrophotography? A camera is not that ultimate solution for taking seamless photos; you do need a best-in-class tripod for it. So why not choose the GEEKOTO camera tripod, which is the best in the market?

The lightweight design weighing just 3.4 pounds provides you massive profitability when taking shots. Apart from that, the carbon fiber material is extremely durable, and it ensures a good quality that lasts longer. The excellent shockproof feature is the most impeccable one of GEEKOTO.

Due to its superior anti-corrosion feature, you should not be worried about the terrain while opting for astrophotography. This tripod stand is made of carbon fiber, which makes it highly durable. This is just 26.9 pounds in weight, hence easy to carry. Moreover, it upholds temperature changes and provides you the freedom of using this in high-temperature zones.

You can readily make adjustments in this tripod as it provides a minimum height of 25-inches and a maximum height of 72-inches. It comes with a 1/4 “screw mount, making it easy to connect with a tripod stand.

The four-session legs and central tube provides the utmost stability to this tripod. It is a viable and ultra-lightweight model that you can use with super ease if you want to click pictures from diverse angles. Not only the professional photographers but the beginners can also use this tripod efficiently to take seamless astrophotographs.

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2. Manfrotto 055 Carbon Fiber 3-section Tripod 

Is there any tripod that can provide a better angle of astrophotography? Manfrotto is one that promises superb photography. It is easy to handle and highly stable, thus making it easy for the photographer to click excellent photographs. This carbon-fiber tripod weighing just 2.5 pounds, possesses horizontal columns that are amazing for better angles.

You can rely on this material as it is exceptionally viable to provide strength. The legs design is made to stay static for capturing stars. This best tripod for astrophotography comes up with various impeccable features. Many customers prefer this excellent Manfrotto 055 series due to its simplistic and speedy set up and ‘quick power lock’ levers.

Moreover, this 3-section tripod for astrophotography possesses a 90-degree pivot system in the central barrel that permits vertical or horizontal extensions and countless slots. It is a robust tripod that upholds a maximum load of up to 19.8 pounds. Hence, it is the superior investment for all the astrophotographers out there.

This tripod stand comes with Manfrotto’s Q90 Center Column, which gives you a one-button control. While opting for a tripod, you should have a clear perception of the characteristics that suit your requirement. It is one of the most versatile models where you can efficiently add countless accessories without restrictions when it comes to working. Its horizontal columns possess various angles of 0-degrees and also it 4-leg angels for diverse positions.

With tripod adjustment, the quality of the picture can be enhanced. Here you can stand out with innumerable creative shots as Manfrotto 055 provides horizontal and vertical shots. Don’t restrain yourself while purchasing this tripod as it is extremely beneficial for your astrophotography sessions.

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1. ZOMEi 75-inch Tripod

If you want a highly portable and durable tripod stand, this is the product you should consider. Although this tripod’s weight is a bit higher, it is a light-designed model that possesses extreme portability due to its easy disassembly. Moreover, you can efficiently use this tripod for camping or sports activities.

Its four-section legs provide innovative precision, rigidity, and stability. Apart from that, this tripod also provides superior freedom to the astrophotographers due to its 360-degrees adjustment. It is the best one that you can rummage from a sporting point of view, which is giving you the freedom to opt for remote places.

The rotating legs of the ZOMEi tripod provide you an expeditious session, and it also permits you to adjust the camera to get the prodigious shot. Do you prefer the utmost ease in movement? Its subtle design permits you to slide the tubes in and out if you are desirous of easy movement. You can also adjust the legs angels by providing proper measurements of 25.50 and 80-degrees for innovative freedoms.

ZOMEi provides you a one-year warranty that permits you to test the tripod during that interval and capture great shots. This tripod has always been the utmost choice for all top-notch professional astrophotographers out there. It gives you a maximum height range of 76.6-inches to perfectly adjust to the prerequisite of every astrophotographer. If you are looking for a sturdier option for a tripod stand, you must consider buying this tripod stand.

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Things To Look For Before Buying an Astrophotography Tripod

Purchasing the best-in-class tripod for astrophotography is the most vital task for every photographer. There are so many options out there, and hence one may get confused. The following list of factors will help you make the best purchase of a tripod stand for astrophotography. Let’s have a look at these significant things to look for:


Stability and durability should be the top-most concern while purchasing a tripod. Stability will give you the useful shooting experience at a prolonged distance in space. To get a perfect snap, a top-notch material and lightweight tripod will be very useful. The best-in-class tripod for astrophotography will provide you utmost stability while restraining the winds and other natural external agents.

Materials & Sturdiness

An ideal tripod should have the capability of providing both sturdiness and portability. If a tripod is sturdy enough but unable to provide portability, it will be of no use. Aluminum and carbon fiber materials are known to provide superior sturdiness to the tripod. But aluminum counterpart is 15% heavier than carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has more stiffness than aluminum, and hence it is generally used for consolidated tripod astrophotography.

Loading Capacity

Astrophotography generally requires massive lenses. Thus the DSLR becomes much heavier, and hence you need tripods with superior loading capacity. The head of the tripod also demonstrates a maximum load capacity. It generally ensures both the head and tripod can uphold your equipment. Therefore, the loading capacity will be that much so that it can perfectly hold the camera and other additional objects.


The superior tripods often do not fall on the budget. Price is the inevitable factors to consider while buying tripods for astrophotography. Here in this guide, we illustrated the best 5 tripods along with the purchase links. Pick one of them that suits your budgets and meet all your requirements.

If you wish to buy some other brand, you must consider the factors mentioned here, compare their features and price, and then make a purchase.


Since you will be carrying the tripod stand along with you, it becomes paramount that it must be light in weight and easy to carry. Our lists full of tripods are very much lightweight in nature, and these can effectively take you to various directions without even observing.


Tripod is an essential tool that you need along with a good camera for those perfect space photos. Even if you are using a telescope, tripod is still required. So, having a DSLR without a tripod does not make much sense. This is because tripods are known to provide acute precision and stability while taking shots. Also, you want your astrophotography lens to be secure, because as you know, they cost a lot, and you don’t want anything to happen to it, do you?

If you don’t have a lens yet, i’d recommend you read our article on the best lenses for nighttime photography.

All your efforts to capture a starry sky can go in vain in the absence of a good tripod. All you need additional magnification, long lenses, and that perfect camera angle that only a good tripod can provide for best astrophotography.

Now, what you choose from the list of 5 tripods discussed above is entirely up to you! All the tripods mentioned above are top-notch, and you can choose any you like. Consider all the main features like sturdiness, portability, ball head mount, and so on. So what are you waiting for? Buy the best tripod for astrophotography today!

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